Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a high quality multi-disciplinary health care brand within Australia. This will be achieved by bringing the best established and emerging medical specialists into dedicated facilities that incorporate the latest technology, research and education, advanced systems and by securing support personnel with exceptional ability. We will also provide a sustainable competitive advantage to produce adequate returns for shareholders and fund further growth.

Our Values

  • The principal strength of Specialist Services is our highly trained and ethical medical specialists, whom we value highly and will continue to support in their personal and professional development. Honesty and integrity, teamwork, involvement and respect for others are our core human values.
  • People come first and we acknowledge and respect the rights and values of all our patients and customers to enjoy a fair and equitable relationship with Specialist Services.
  • Specialist Services values high quality, clinically accepted medical care and services, which will be provided in a reliable ethical and honest way and shall provide services in an innovative and personalised manner.
  • Specialist Services is about linking patients, general practitioners and specialists to high quality, patient -centred care.
  • Specialist Services values our shareholders and provides them with a service in which they can actively participate and which provides efficient management and innovation in the delivery of services without compromising patient care.
  • All Specialist members of Specialist Services are committed to these values and our guiding principles.

Guiding Principles

Each and every member of Specialist Services:

  • will behave ethically, with honesty and integrity, an integral part of the ethos of the group;
  • desires to provide the best possible patient outcome and satisfaction is our common desire;
  • believe in "teaching hospital" standards and expertise with commitment to continuous improvement in the quality of our operations;
  • will continue to demonstrate a commitment to ongoing education, research, quality assurance and responsiveness to technological and other advances, resulting in improved clinical care;
  • believe in coordinated multi disciplinary health with the aim of achieving good patient outcomes;
  • will espouse the values, ethics, and standards of Specialist Services and seek to develop professional clinical relationships with other members of Specialist Services;
  • will strive to develop healthcare packages and synergies with other members of Specialist Services where this is in the best interests of patient care but may seek the assistance of other specialists outside Specialist Services.